Episode 83: 2011 Riot Awards Pregame Show!

 Hello and welcome to 2012 Rioters!

Today on the show we prepare for the Riot Awards with our Pregame show. We talk about the Best, Worst, and most disappointing games of 2011.  Special guest Taylor is on the show, who is raging about Xbox's Recent Dashboard update, and we drool over games releasing this February and March.

Since it's 2012, put your Virtual Reality glasses and earphones on and listen in to this futuristic episode of Gamer's Riot!

Intro is from a Final Fantasy game that either people loved or hated for the Snes.

Recorded on 01/03/2012

352 thoughts on “Episode 83: 2011 Riot Awards Pregame Show!

  1. I actually am pleased you played Dead Space 2, such a awesome game. Wish the campaign had been a tad bit longer, but it was well paced overall. The same goes for uncharted I havn’t even gotten into muliplayer on that yet.

    • The Dead Space series is probably my favorite in current-gen gaming… the dev’s somehow found a balance in their gameplay that fits my style perfectly. I’ve dabbled in the MP on both, but to be honest I could care less about them. Don’t get me wrong, they are fun, but it isn’t where the sweet spot of the games reside. The writing in the campaign (especially the second installment with DS) allowed for a rather good connection between gamer and character… which is one of the biggest keys to succes for single player campaigns.

  2. In my humble little ole opinion, there is no contest here- Dead Space 2 and Uncharted 3. I played zero games this year which gave me anything close to the experience presented in either of these. Cheers!

  3. Portal 2 gets my vote cause Cave Johnson was awesome and the multiplayer was fantastical. And Skyrim comes in a close 2nd for me. I haven’t played it yet, but i hear great things about Uncharted 3 from Xander kane.

    PS. Hope all is well Ben.

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