Riot Response – July 23, 2011 Whatcha Been Playin?

Today, I'm going to introduce a new concept tentatively called the Riot Response. We've got one goal in mind for this, we want to hear something out of your mouths. If we manage to do that, I'm going to make it a weekly part of the site. 

Lately, there been a lull of newly released games and it is around now where we start digging into the well, so to speak, for stuff to bide our time with until the fall when releases start happening at a machine gun firing pace. So my question is simple this week: Whatcha been playing?

Me, I've been really cracking down on competitive Starcraft. The entire exploits, I'll leave for another post but I'm doing awesomely, though I am still making my way through Bronze League (the lowest one). The Amnesia the Dark Descent Let's Play is going on hiatus for an unknown amount of time. About that, I can tell you that it is an amazing game, but just the way that my 24 hour cycle works it's tough to fit in night by night. Don't count on it being out of the picture forever, though. And, it will free up time for me to do other games in that format. I am working on Bastion, which is a pleasure. It's possibly going down as one XBLA's best titles right next to stuff like Braid, Limbo, Monday Night Combat, and Shadow Complex.

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Oh and look at this sequence from Saints Row the Third. So smart.

Anyways, how about you? Whatcha been playin' dawg?

213 thoughts on “Riot Response – July 23, 2011 Whatcha Been Playin?

  1. I cannot BELIEVE I REDISCOVERED DARKSEED! THe incredibly hard ass game that didn’t tell you anything, but assumed you knew that you had to finish everything in allotted time spans! Featured the art of H.R. Geiger and poor dude Mike, who, unfortunately, had an alien embryo implanted in his brain. This game scared the crap out of me as a newbie PC gamer! Wow….I am tripping down memory lane lately….and my ol’ DOS tape…

  2. I had to crank the sensitivity all the way up after playing COD like that. Even after that, they still feel slightly clunky and I often end up flinging random grenades because of the different button mapping

  3. Halo has some nice variety. One day I spent like 6 hours just messing around in forge. Made a sick series of twisting ramps and jumps.

    But, I can never get the controls tweaked enough to feel really good for some reason. That’s Halo to me.

  4. I am currently switching between Halo: Reach, which is awesome and Black Ops. It all depends on who is online when I sign in. If friends are playing Blops then I’m there, if not it’s off to slay some Covie Bastards

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