Bored? Play Some Flash Games

If you can think it, there's a flash game for it. Problem is, a large number of them suck. Due to bad controls, awful animation, terrible music and various other reasons. So what I did for you was I delved deep into the murky underworld of Flash gaming for nearly two full days. I reemerged after having played at least 50 flash games. I did this so you wouldn't have to experience the torture of playing countless bad flash games. Thank me later.

Now what I found for you after my two day voyage, was only six games that I can recommend to you. Six out of Fifty isn't to shabby. Considering the infinite number of flash games floating about the internet. Finding six good ones in my first fifty seems quite reasonable. So without further ado here they are.

Exit Path

The First one that I recommend to try out is Exit Path. It's a great platformer that will keep you entertained for quite a bit. With each level giving you just enough of a challenge to be satisfying. Think outside the box on some levels.


Second up is Flight. This is hands down the best paper airplane game I've ever played. I guess that's not saying much since it's the only one I've ever played. Nonetheless it's a solid flash game. There's just something extremely rewarding about watching the upgrades you buy for your paper airplane take you higher and further with every throw. It'll take about an hour to beat. So have fun!

Meat Boy

You have probably played Super Meat Boy, or at least heard of it. Well this is it's predecessor. It's just as fun as Super Meat Boy, but lacks the polish and soundtrack. Still a very worthwhile play. The controls are a bit touchy but all and all, Awesome!

Miami Shark

This game takes about five minutes tops. But it's five minutes of pure carnage. Just wait until you pull your first aircraft out of the sky.

No Time To Explain

Literally, There's no time to explain. Play it and laugh. Then head over to the kickstarter page for No Time To Explain and contribute to the development. One tip though, let your gun charge a little before you jump in some spots. It's a little tough to get use to but it's smooth sailing once you catch on. Also try for some of the additional endings hidden around the map.

Here's the kickstarter page if you'd like to contribute to the project

Ultimate Crab Battle

I know that I just wrote an article hating on water levels. But this game managed to do it right for me. Complete and utter chaos from beginning to end. With no breath meter. Woot woot! Plus it's a quick five minute play.

Don't forget a lot of great games and series have spawned out of flash games. So have some fun and show some love for them every once in a while. Also feel free to let us know in the comments or on the forums of any other great flash games.

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