Episode 62: Gamer’s Riot on N4G, Gaming Peripherals, Anonymous Strikes Back!

 Hello Rioters and Hackers!

Welcome back to Gamer's Riot. Today we talk about Gamer's Riot articles on N4G. Nelly goes banana's over some new gaming gear. Ben has a story of beating unruly trolls and fanboys. The last segment is a tough cookie, it's about the Anonymous hacking attacks on Sony.

So re-route your IP address, so the FBI doesn't find you, and crank your speakers, because it's time to blow your mind here on Gamer's Riot!

Intro is from my favorite beat'em up of the genesis era?

Remix by: Mr. X: Mr. Z - zyko, From the Album Heroes Vs. Villains  

Found at ocremix.org

Here's a link to the water level article.

587 thoughts on “Episode 62: Gamer’s Riot on N4G, Gaming Peripherals, Anonymous Strikes Back!

  1. I have the same pair of headphones that nelly is talking about. They are mandatory for anyone who can’t crank the volume up on their system. I play Mass Effect 2 with them and the sound quality helped to really get me in the game.

    Of course if my house was burning down, or I received a phone call I would never have known.

  2. I dont know if I could justify spending money on a gaming headset. The only time I use them is when I’m playing black ops with friends. As far as using them to replace my TV volume late at night, I couldn’t care less about my volume. I don’t have live in an apartment any more and we don’t have “close” neighbors, so I just leave it cranked up lol
    P.s. Great show this week
    P.p.s. Billy Dee Williams’ real name is William December Williams
    :: fun fact

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